The O3NL mentoring offers entrepreneurs support with development of products and services, and matters such as business strategy, sales and marketing and market research. Staffing issues, fundraising and financial planning can also be addressed. Regardless of the phase your company is in, you can always benefit from contributions from objective and experienced mentors.

The relationship between the mentors and the potential entrepreneurs is based on the specific needs of the entrepreneur and the experience and interests of the available mentors. The entrepreneurs are assured of impartial and unbiased advice because mentors are committed to the principles and code of conduct of O3NL.

Starting entrepreneurs who would like to apply for support from O3NL mentors are welcome to get in contact with O3NL.

O3NL uses a selection process, of which the main criteria are:
–    the enterprise must be based on a product or idea on which;
–    intellectual property rights are or can be established;
–    the enterprise must be based in the Netherlands;
–    the enterprise must be linked to one of O3NL’s sponsors.
–    the enterprise must already have financing

If you are interested then send an email to info@O3NL.com containing the following information:
•    Is there IP
•    Is the company based in the Netherlands
•    Who is providing financing
•    Send us an executive summary
•    Clearly indicate where you need support.